How to:

The proper care and maintainance of your new hardwood floors, starts by respecting the cure time of the finish coat. Depending on the finish that you have used,oil base, water base  or Swedish finish that can range from 72 hours to 5 and seven days.

Also the newly finished floors should not be cleaned with any chemical product for the first month. A good indicator to as far as what cleaner should be used is if the cleaning product is manufactured by some of the industry finish producers i.e. Bona, Pallman, Synteko.

Bona is a cleaner that most of the stores carry, where the other ones are more likely to be found at the special flooring stores. Using furniture pads and lifting rather than dragging your furniture pieces will prevent scratching your finished floor.

Anything that creates  film on top of the wood can get scratched but with care and proper maintenance your floors will last and look great for a long time.